Brian Will

Brian is a serial entrepreneur, a two-time Wall Street Journal bestselling author, and a leading consultant in business and sales management. Throughout his dynamic career, he’s had the privilege of founding or co-founding seven highly successful companies across four distinct industries, with valuations soaring over half a billion dollars at their height. In Brian’s current ventures, he is proud to be at the helm of a flourishing chain of restaurants in the Atlanta area and managing a robust portfolio of residential and commercial real estate across Georgia and Florida. In addition to his entrepreneurial endeavors, Brian is dedicated to serving his community as a member of the city council in his beloved hometown of Alpharetta, Georgia.

Dr. Sarah Jernigan

Sarah Jernigan, PhD is a senior academic advisor for the Lindner College of Business at the University of Cincinnati. Sarah received her PhD in educational studies with an emphasis in educational and community-based action research within higher education. Her dissertation work explored international student mental health. She also earned her BA and MA in communication at the University of Cincinnati. Outside of academia, Sarah is a proud Cincinnati native, and is passionate about exploring her city, as well as the globe more broadly.


Dr. Delaney Harness

Dr. Harness is a Professor at the University of Cincinnati with a Ph.D in Organizational Communication and Technology from the University of Texas. During her talk she will explore themes of transparency as a relational force, encourage individuals and corporations to embrace holistic accountability measures, discuss digital technology for a sustainable future and more!

Patrick Coyne

Patrick Coyne, a Cincinnati native and former UC Quarterback, transitioned from football to business, founding Black Sheep Performance. Recognizing the importance of mental and physical training, he created a holistic program that has grown to serve athletes and individuals from diverse backgrounds. Building on this success, he launched Contrast Studios in 2023, offering hot and cold therapy for physical and mental well-being. With plans to expand to three locations, Coyne's mission is to empower others to live healthier, happier lives.

Dr. Salwa Arafa

Salwa Arafa, PhD, RPh, received her PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences (major of Neuroscience) from James L Winkle College of Pharmacy, University of Cincinnati. She is a retired competitive crossfitter, avid reader, and mommy to three little cute kiddos. She is still committed to powerlifting in her garage gym and her life goal is to spread awareness about the importance of physical activity to improve quality of life. Currently, she is a pharmacist at the inpatient pharmacy, Cincinnati Children’s hospital. Her idea worth sharing will be centered around how to unlock what she calls “the 3 superpowers” of exercise to optimize physical and mental health.

Dr. Alvaro Ortiz Lugo

Dr. Alvaro Ortiz Lugo! Dr. Alvaro Ortiz Lugo is an assistant professor of mathematics at the University of Cincinnati. He obtained both his Bachelor’s (2007) and master’s degrees in mathematics (2011) from Universidad del Valle, in Cali, Colombia, where he was born, and a Doctoral degree in applied mathematics from the University of Cincinnati (2019). Dr. Ortiz’s work research interests are math biology, data science, and video game development math tools. He enjoys being an educator and is a part of the MAA Project Next Brown 20 Cohort, a SIAM Next Fellow, and a Member of the SIAM Education Committee.

Isaac Smitherman and Aashka Raval

Isaac Smitherman and Aashka Raval are recent graduates of the University of Cincinnati. Isaac received his Bachelors of Science in Environmental Engineering and Aashka received her Bachelors of Science in Business Analytics with a minor in Computer Science. Isaac served as the Student Body President of UC from 2022-2023 along with Aashka as the Speaker of Undergraduate Student Government Senate where they were able to advocate extensively for students on campus. Isaac and Aashka have now founded Grassroots AI, a podcast and research project dedicated to engaging with small businesses, non-profits, and community organizers to understand the potentials of Generative AI at a local community level.

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