Anju joined TEDxUCincinnati  to broaden her college experience beyond her degree and work with an enrichingly diverse group of individuals.

Faculty Advisor

Always keen on keeping students at the center, Dr. Matthews stepped up to be the founding faculty advisor for TEDxUCincinnati in 2014. A group of students, led by Shivam Shah and Jared Haggit, proposed it was time for UC to create a formal forum for ideas worth sharing in the standard of TED. Dr. Matthews wholeheartedly agreed! Next thing he know, he was the faculty advisor!

Vice President of Operations

Andrea decided to join TEDxUCincinnati because she wanted to find a community of diverse and talented individuals, learn to collaborate more efficiently, and be more open to new ideas!

Vice President of Content

Shwetha did speech and debate in high school and wanted to experience the joy of sharing ideas and thoughts from a backstage point of view. She recognized that TEDxUCincinnati was a chance to help others amplify their own voice.

Director of Marketing

Charlotte loves spreading great ideas and the TED talk format. She came into college with a passion for learning more about public speaking and being involved in the community. She joined DLP as a freshman and learned a lot about the curation process that each talk goes through. She loved the organization and the TEDx process so much that she has applied and stayed the past two years as a Speaker Relations chair and now as the Director of Marketing.

Marketing Chair

Via decided to join TEDxUCincinnati because she saw MainStage in the middle of her sophomore year of college. As a person who’s always been obsessed with TED in general, she knew it would be an organization to get her out of her comfort zone and meet people.

Director of Finance

Luke joined TEDxUCincinnati to open minds to new possibilities that combat the polarization of society.

Sponsorship Chair

Devansh decided to join TedxUCincinnati as he has been inspired and fascinated by the idea of Ted Talks since a young age. He believes that by being a part of TedxUCincinnati, he can share that same passion for Ted Talks with others.

Director of DLP

Alex joined TEDxUcincinnati because she was in the DLP cohort last year and enjoyed the experience so much she wanted to provide the same possibilities for this years group.

DLP Curriculum Chair

Charlie joined TEDxUCincinnati because he likes how the organization facilitates important conversations in a constructive way. TED’s mission is to spread new ideas, and he wanted to join TEDxUCincinnati to spread some of these ideas here at UC. Charlie also wanted to be involved in the Discovering Leadership Program so he could help first- and second-year students find their voices by strengthening public speaking and leadership skills.

Director of Programs

Mark joined TEDxUCincinnati his Freshman year through the DLP program that was offered to students at UC. He saw this as a unique opportunity on campus to meet new people from all over the school and to see what goes on behind the scenes of a TEDx event. This is where Mark made some of his best memories from Freshman year and decided to take a more involved role on the executive board in the following years after getting to see how passionate the executive team was about the organization.


Programs Chair

Madeline decided to join TEDxUCincinnati because she has a mild obsession with watching TED talks and wanted to learn what goes into planning a TED event.

CASSIDY HOOK Director of Speaker Relations

Cassidy has always been a fan of TED and TEDx Talks even throughout high school. Cassidy joined the TEDxUCincinnati community by becoming a member of the Discovering Leadership Program and becoming a Speaker Relations Chair the year after. Getting to work with the speakers and heling them curate their ideas for the UC Community is her favorite part working with the organization.

Speaker Relations Chair

Divya joined because this organization interested her. She was excited to step out of her comfort zone and learn new skills. She thought the concept of TEDxUCincinnati was super cool and wanted to help make it happen and see the behind the scenes of how these large events happen!

Director of Design

Madeleine joined TEDxUCincinnati to fuse her passion of design with her curiosity to learn. Being a part of the design team, she has the ability to create unique brands that are rooted in shareable ideas.

Design Chair

Gabrielle joined TEDx because it was a way to apply the skills she is learning in studio classes to something she is passionate about, spreading and sharing knowledge. Through TEDx, she gets to work with the rest of the design team develop a brand identity with full creative freedom and be a part of the larger executive board.

Advisor for Development and Alumni Relations

TEDx talks were a fun and engaging part of how Daniel learned individually and in classes throughout high school, and he wanted to be a part of an organization that creates these awesome talks and experiences.


Organizational Development Chair

Olivia joined TEDxUCincinnati in 2019 as the DLP Curriculum Chair and has been hooked ever since. She loves helping speakers develop their ideas and find their voice to share their stories on the TEDxUCincinnati stage.

Social Media Chair

After watching a TED talk, Maame always wondered what went into it's making. She decided to join TEDxUCincinnati to understand the making of a TEDx event and also, learning from speakers and hopefully give her own TEDx talk some day.

      This independant TEDx event is operated under license from TED. 
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